Be a dirty girl

Need an excuse to move away from the sweet and innocent lover that you are to exploring downright dirty ways to turn your lover on? Here are five tips to tempting and teasing your man that will get your lover wondering if you’ve been replaced by a body snatching kinky minx!

Mark Your Territory – Pick up some bright red lipstick – the kind you only see on Greta Garbot wannabes and ladies in cosmetics ads – and wear it on your night out. Reapply it right before you get home, and lay a trail of your painted kisses up and down his body. It’ll leave your kiss marks on his body that will more than likely be there the next morning to remind him how your mind blowing night began.

Change Up Your Hair Style – We don’t mean the hair that’s growing on your head. Have you been keeping a landing strip down there for a while? Maybe you’ve got a fuller bush? Change it up! For those who usually go completely bare, let a little grow back in to keep your man on his toes. Keep a bit of hair there? Get out the shaving cream and razors and make yourself hair free for a night of passion. If you’re a bit reluctant about adjusting to a new pubic hair style for one night only, there are also temporary gem tattoos that you can buy especially for that part of the body!

Chuck Out The Thong – Skimpy underwear has been on its way out for a while now. What is flying off the lingerie store shelves in more recent times have been boy shorts. The main reason? They make your butt look amazing! The seam running down the middle of most boy shorts pulls in the fabric to accentuate your assets in the back, and give a well fueled imagination something more to think about in the front.

Give Him A Head’s Up – While you may think that a titillating surprise is the way to go for Valentine’s Day, your guy may enjoy it even more if you give him a head’s up to your evening plans with a downright dirty set of sexts. Send him a series of texts describing what you plan on doing to him that night, and send him a few obvious hints of what you’d love him to do to you.

Keep It Familiar and Comfortable – Now’s not the time to book the two of you into a four star restaurant for an overpriced and stuffy meal. If you’re heading out for a Valentine’s Day date, keep it familiar and comfortable. You’ll be more inclined to get extra naughty in public if you aren’t worried about what the snooty wait staff think. At the very least, you’ll know the best corners to escape to for a kiss…or more!

Leave A Path To The Bedroom – Once you finally do make it back to your place for the night, don’t wait until you get to the bedroom to strip down. Start right in the doorway and leave a path of your clothes all through the house until you make it to your bed. You may be distracted along the way and need to make a few stops…but is that necessarily a bad thing?



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