Real Time Leads

Today’s marketing tip:

If you guys need leads I have known of a company for about 8 years now that I use all the time. The company will supply nothing but home business leads.

You have to know what leads to buy though, cause all leads are not created equal. You will need to buy what are called “Real Time Phone Verified Leads” or “Real Time Double Opt-In Leads”

These leads are both verified by either phone or email that the lead is 100% interested in joining a home business. The best part is they have said not 1 time but 2 times they are very interested.

The leads once you order come in a text document to your email. You can get 50 leads for right around $65. Remember, these are serious leads so the closing ratio is pretty high because they are already aware they are going to be contacted about joining a business.

Tip: DON’T OVER SPEND! Now there are other packages that cost more money, but don’t buy them. YES, it’s tempting to buy 200-300 leads but you would be wasting your cash. Here is why, you can only get through a certain amount of leads per day. If you have to many leads you are less likely to follow up with the ones that may not have been home ect…

What ends up happening is you skip a lot of leads and end up wasting them. My best advice is to stick with 50 at a time, these leads are less then 48hrs old so they are fresh. Take your time with them and work the leads, and great things will happen.

Also if you have 200 leads you will find that you will be trying to follow up all week with them and they end up turning stale on you. You want these leads to be fresh and be right on top of them the moment you get them.

I hope this helps guys, you can get your leads here


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