“Why do I have to use my credit card?”

Why do I have to use my credit card?I’m sure everyone gets hit with this question. The main explanation I see that people use is that you use your credit card to prove that you are a real person, but I will give the real reason about why you have to use a credit card on most offers to get credited and I think it’s a better explanation.

The real reason you have to use your credit card to complete offers is that the companies are paying out for leads to potential customers. It makes absolutely no sense for them to pay out commissions to people who have no means or intentions of keeping the offer. The reason you have to give your credit card information is simply to prove that you could keep the offer if you wanted to. Companies pay Instant Rewards for leads to potential customers, so you must show that you are a potential customer.

The basics of incentive offers are they hope that you try the offer and like it and keep it. If new sign ups pick offers they are interested in and try it, then a company will make enough money off a person that chooses to keep an offer to be able to afford to pay for those that don’t. This is one of the reasons why you should only tell people to try offers they are interested in. As long as it is profitable for a company to promote on Instant Rewards, they will keep the offer their, raise their rates (credit value), and it will attract new advertisers.

So, the basic goal of this business is to simply have people sign up to try offers (I mean, try them to their fullest extent and see what the offer is all about), if you like it, keep it…if you don’t dump it (but try it for at least 75% of the trial period).

Companies are simply looking for people to try out what they have to offer and they are confident that a certain percentage of people will keep the offer if they truly try it.

So now you know the real reason of how and why the money is generated by the advertisers.


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