One of Eltons Secret Marketing Methods


Go to make sure you are logged into your Facebook account. Now if you really want to you can create a separate account for this its up to you but make sure you are logged in.

Once you are on open book, on the right hand side you will see a search box. Type what you want to target into this search box, example: “I need a job” This will search Facebook in REAL TIME and give you everyone on facebook that typed that phrase on their profile.

Yeah VERY POWERFUL! But keep in mind not to SPAM these people. The best approach is to simply message them along the lines of “Hey, I seen you were looking for a job, we are hiring right now and figured I’d at least pass the word along. Here is the job information. SEND THEM TO A CRAIGSLIST JOB AD SO IT LOOKS LEGIT. Even if your ad is ghosted by craigslist they will be able to see it.

Make sure your ad on craigslist looks like a legit job, Use an image ad like the one on the Training Blog. Congratulations, you are now marketing like the pro’s do! :) Enjoy!


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