Ok so I have a lot on my mind but tried to go to sleep after watching one of my favorite programs on TV. Finally I fall asleep and I begin to have a really vivid dream. Here is how it goes. I am just typing not formatting it or anything so I don’t forget things.

I was leaving what looked to be a school library assuming college campus. I start walking and notice a very attractive black women walking a few yards ahead of me. I yelled out her name (can’t remember it now) she turns and says hey. I asked her if she wanted to walk with me to go get something to drink at the local what I believe is like a campus Mc Donald’s. I got a vibe of good friends or even long time acquaintances, but there was a comfort that was not a feel of dating. We walked into a building. kind of like a dorm entry common area or something.


The restaurant was off to our right in a kind of glass structure resembling a green house but inside this larger common area. We were headed that way until we heard a man yelling at a few people to get back and sit he “F” down. He didn’t see us so I told the girl I was with run back to the other building a get me something and I tried to  block her from his vision. Suddenly at this point we notice he has a gun. Now she is out and I can see her walking away so I felt a little safer for her. She had no clue why I asked her to do that at that specific time.  However things took a turn for the worse for me. The gunman started shouting about all the black and Hispanic people needed to get the hello out of the building because they were his people and they were being lied to by every white person around them. he was not going to hold them back from any more than what they had already been deprived of by them powers that be. Now I was starting to get even more worried because this was not your typical thug/gangsta rapper wanna be black guy. I could tell by his speech and the way he projected his points he was well-educated. I then saw a white guy and his girlfriend trying to sneak by me to escape out of the door.They were the stereo typical ” I am to cute for you couple” the Barbie and ken type. You know the ones in all the movies everyone hates but wishes they could be them at any moment. As they tried to pass me the guy brushed my arm and knocked all the books I was carrying out of my hands. Obviously the noise grabbed the attention of the gunman. The couple tried to make a run for it and the guy pushed his girlfriend down and out-of-the-way and made a dash for the door. the gunman shot him. Then rant to the girl grabbed her by her hair as she screamed and started yelling at her to wash off all that “BS” on her face and show everyone who she really was. Then he told her I would’ve shot you. Then asked her what do you think kept me from shooting you? of course she says: I DONT KNOW. He began to explain your boyfriend over there did to you what white America is doing to everyone even their own people he pushed you out-of-the-way to sacrifice you to save his own ass. Then pointing the gun at me and say ” inst that right WHITE BOY”  I told him I am sure your right but I am far from a white boy. He then pushed the girl off and shot her as she fell. Looking at me he asked ” do you really want to “F” with me right now?” I told him I was not trying to piss him off but if your taking vengeance on something done to you and every other minority then make sure you take it out on at least the right people. I am not white FULLY I told him I am more BLACK than he is. Knowing he was obviously intelligent I asked him what is the true definition of BLACK. He gave me the typical answer which was about African-Americans. I said your right but your also wrong. I am black because the definition in my field which is Graphic design is A color composed of all colors. So that would mean with all the races I have in me I would become BLACK. I also told him that because I am so Mixed with different nationalities that I have it harder than him because Black people love being black and some white people want to act black and black culture actually has more influence on everything now days. SO I don’t fit in directly anywhere.  At this point I could see he saw I knew what he was trying to get across with his “protest” of sorts. Still he was really aggravated and told me well if you’re not white look at you wearing new clothes and jewelry
and that chain on your neck is iced out you got money and people like me can’t even pay for gas to get to class or even find work. I started laughing and I told him My chain you want it you can have it $60 from a friend who sells knock offs. My clothes from Marshall’s clearance rack. I told him man if you really think I got it so good then I guess I am a better bargain shopper than you think. I struggle too. I am out trying to find a job too. I even just left the library checking out books on how to make money and build a better resume. I showed him the sack of books and told him not everyone because they look a certain way are what they appear. Yes, I like nice things but since I can’t afford them I find other ways to make myself look nice without spending the money. He then lowered his gun and said your right my brotha get the hell out of here you don’t need to be part of this the world will be much better if there were more real people in it like you. Then he gave me a half hug as guys do when they greet each other or go their own way. then put the gun back to my head and said now get the “F” out of here before I change my mind. So i for some reason went into the restaurant. As I opened the door I heard a shot I just knew he had changed his mind and shot me. Then I heard him say Brotha you saved yourself but not everyone else someone will day before I do. I walked out and didn’t even look back to see who it was. All I could say is “God please take that person with you no matter what they had done today or before”. When the door to the restaurant closed it was like it became as new dream. Yes all that was still going on outside but it was like no one cared or paid any attention to it.  I got in there ordered a drink some kind of hurricane type Slurpee thing. and I ordered an iced coffee for the girl I was originally there with. I don’t understand why considering I know what I just went through and she was not there. I walked over to this machine and began to make a MT dew Hurricane Slurpee and the machine had air in the line or something and it shot out at someone sitting nearby. Suddenly the man jumped up he was huge and started walking to me. Of course I was preparing for a beating. He stopped half way and started ranting about the service and how bad it sucked and he was never coming there again and that I was just some poor idiot that fell into the

No one cared what was going on right outside their glass structure

trap of this corporation so he couldn’t even be mad at me and then he walked out. I stood in shock because even with everything going on outside these people were more afraid of what he would do than the black man still shooting people right outside the GLASS structure they were in at the time. I then walked out through a different door to find the girl I was originally with sitting on a bench as though she had waited for hours. She said finally snatched the drink and walked away. I caught up with her and asked why she was made I thought she would be happy I got out alive from what was going on in there and she said” your worried about some guy complaining about the service at the drink counter Please”. I then told her no you know what is going on in there! I describe what I went through and she laughed and said Yeah right You would be dead. She walked away and the end of my dream was her calling and asking me if what she saw on the news was what I was talking about because it showed me getting shot, but she knew I was just standing there talking to her so how could what she saw be true. As I woke up I remember me looking at the tv and seeing the footage from a camera in the building showing me talking to him and as the reporter said ” after an attempt to defuse the situation this victim was dispatched by the gunman. No one knows who he is and the police are not revealing his information while conducting this investigation.”

Then I was woke up to start my day. My birthday no doubt how ironic I dream of me dyeing on my birthday LOL creepy.

OK so that was the birthday dream not its time to go renew my license LOL … What do you think of my dream. I know I will not go near a college campus or a MC Donald’s today LOL.


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