What is truth and what are just lies

Why do women lie? Do they think men are just stupid and we will never catch them? Or are they so confident in their superiority, that they feel even if they are caught, or when they are caught, it won’t matter because either a) they can lie there way out of it. Or b) they can apologize in person while at the same time using their sexual prowess to make us forget the past in light of the apparent and promising near future?

An example of this would be a good friend of mine. This is his story as he told it to me.  I have been very close friends with a girl for three years now. During this time I have been told by her “you’re everything I want in a man/soul mate/ father figure/ lover/ etc…’. I have told her some of the same things except I told her about my family’s mission statement.

This is a statement that defines who we are as a family and also what our goals are for our family and as individuals. She engages in certain life choices that are unacceptable to our family. So I have told her I have mutual feelings but until she decides to stop the behavior we do not accept then we can’t go any further.

She agrees that her behavior is destructive and is supposed to be changing that part of her life as we speak. However, in the mean time and not just recently but over the past three years she has told me I am her soul mate yet has also lied to me about other men she has seen. Lied to me about things like I miss you so much and then come to town and spent the weekend with a girlfriend and left with out ever calling.

Most recently said she missed me terribly and was coming to town soon. Normally that would mean staying with me. Then later that day a mutual friend asked me to have lunch. When I picked up this Girl she says “guess who called me this a.m.?” I said I know my best friend/ girlfriend she told me she called you. The other girl says yea “She’s coming to town next week and asked if she could stay with me and my brother for a few days”

This is where I finally decided I was tired of all the game playing, lies and being taken for a fool. She has to know I am going to hear this. My question is WHY? Why do you keep telling a man you love him and he is everything you want if it is not true? Do you just enjoy causing pain in the hearts of men? What is the point? Do you think we will never learn or that your actions will not eventually give you away? Or am I the only man that has ever encountered this?

I told her that I was sick of the game playing and her deceitfulness and not to call me any more unless she could be honest and stop playing games. I also made her aware of several lies I have known about but have not mentioned because I was waiting to see if she would ever come clean.

I haven’t heard from her since. It has been very difficult for me as she has for three years been my very best friend. Yet if I am going to hold to my own beliefs and my own advice “don’t compromise” then I have to move ahead and realize I am wasting my time. Unless someone can convince me she has a legitimate reason for lying? Why do women lie?

Another reason is I have found it interesting that when ever anyone leaves a comment it usually sounds like they are under the impression I wrote this in the last week or two. Some well meaning offering advice on how to deal with this person who has now been out of my life for three years.

I am still single but in a much better place than when I originally wrote this. I am certain a big part of the reason is I am no longer involved in a destructive relationship. I agree with the advice of Bronco Billy and others who said long ago I should not be involved with a girl who is a liar.

I knew that then, but I was already in too deep emotionally, which is a mistake that can easily be made. I have also noticed that as I have moved forward I am attracting much higher quality ladies than I had been.

So the third and final reason for the appendix is for those of you who have just read this for the first time and were drawn to it because you have recently had to face the fact you are being lied to, then here is my advice as one who has been there.

1) Loose her now

2) She does not love you

3) Most likely she really only cares about herself

2) You do not deserve to be treated poorly

3) You can do better and the sooner you move on the sooner you will  do and feel better!!!

I feel so much better now and without going into any ugly details the girl in my article is not doing any better. I do not say that in a mean way . Actually I feel sorry for her . Her mother has called me a few times over the last three years and the last time was a month or two ago. She has not changed or if she has it sounds like the changes have been for the worse.

So had I continued to allow that relationship to go on I would be three years later possibly still asking the question why do women lie?

Honestly I don’t really care any more!!  What I mean by that is in general yes I still care just like I care that  people get sick, but personally speaking I don’t care because I am no longer involved with a liar. I do not have any intentions of ever getting involved with a woman of that kind of character again!!

Finally thanks to all of you who have taken time to read this article and leave your comments! I greatly appreciate all of them including those of opposing or different views.

I have since written many other articles some of which I think are better than this one but have hardly been read?  I will plug my most recent ” Ghost stories, Sleep paralysis, and other paranormal activity” true stories of real events in my life that give me the creeps even now!!!

I suggest reading that article and it most likely will help you quit thinking about whoever it is that is troubling you. Or possibly may cause you to think of them in a whole new way?