DJ STATIX ADVICE #2 Oct 6 2011 What if he’s taken?


Being in a fantasy does not make him available


Age: 29 marital status: single, never married

Hello, was hoping to get some advice. I met a guy in college when I was 20. We talked a little bit here and there. I like him alot more than just a friend. I can’t seem to forget him. even though it has been almost 10 years.

Since then I dropped out of college. I dont want to be with anyone else. I am convinced I am going to marry him one day and that he is the love of my life. He is now happily married to another girl now.

I emailed him in February 2010. He said he didn’t think we should talk becuase he is married now and doesn’t live in this area anymore. What should I do about this situation? should I try to find someone else? I love him though.


Dear Can’t Forget,

You are in total fantasy land. You talked to this guy. You never had a real relationship. You didn’t have sex, or even date. And all this happened ten years ago. What on earth makes you think you’re in love with him?

It’s time for you to move on and forget this one. Not having enough going on in your life is one reason you are obsessing about this man. Get a grip. Go on line at or or any of the other dating sites on the internet and find someone to love who is available.

This guy is married, and obviously doesn’t want to even talk to you let alone have a relationship with you. You may be convinced he will marry you some day, but you really are fooling yourself. Give up this fantasy and accept the reality. He’s married, he’s not interested in you, and will probably never be available to you. So yes, you should try to find someone else.

Don’t let your life pass you by living in a dream that will never become real.


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