DJ STATIX ADVICE # 1 OCT 6 2011 Sex or security

Good sex isnt the only factorDear DJ STATIX,

I Need help. I’m 31 from Miami. I believe I’m running out of time to get married and have a family.

I have been with my girlfriend for 4 years. I like her and she is a beautiful person and dedicated to me. We live together and she is very special to me.

However, I just recently met a girl that I had a sexual relationship with and a little more. She turns me inside out and can’t stop thinking about her.

This new girl told me to erase her phone because I was never going to break up with my girlfriend. This girl has a lot of qualities I like plus when I see her I get tingles in my stomach.

What should I do? Break up or forget this girl ever happened and get married with my girlfriend?

I would highly appreciate your opinion.


Tormented fellow.


Dear Tormented,

Sex doesn’t make up for 4 years of living together and having someone dedicated to you. Your girlfriend is very special to you and yet you had a fling with someone else. You shouldn’t make any decision about getting married until you are sure you are making the right move.

As long as you are craving sex with the other woman, you won’t be able to totally commit to the woman you are with. So postpone the marriage decision and see how things work out.

It’s very possible that the sex interest will turn out to be just that, a hot roll in the hay, but far from the beautiful person you have now. She may be a good sex partner, but a life partner requires something more. It requires trust, security and the comfort of knowing that person is there for you no matter what.

A few tingles and a sexual encounter don’t make a relationship.

Also, if you feel that time is running out to get married and have a family, you should realize the time frame involved in starting over. You’re looking at years before you get as close to someone new as you are with the current girlfriend.

Sometimes the best decision is no decision. Time will give you the right answer.


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