Meditation for Beginners

Almost any health-related article I read lately mentions the role that stress plays in our health and happiness. The typical solution: relax. Good advice, sure, but exactly how am I supposed to do that? It’s not as if stress is a hobby I’m cultivating. It sort of comes with the dad package—worries about finances, about the kids, about job and career, about a seemingly endless stream of stuff that I have to do.

One way to get off the hamster wheel is to meditate. Again, good advice that’s not so easy to follow. How do you do it, well, right? If your brain is racing through all your worries and duties, sitting still in a quiet room isn’t going to stop—or even slow down—the deluge of thoughts. But there are some basic techniques you can use to quell your mind and find some peace. Like most things, you get better as you do it, and you’ll do it best when you do it every day.

I’ve seen a lot of videos about learning to meditate, but I think this one is the best, because it starts out on a very simple level. In fact, it’s failure-proof. (The last thing you need is to get frustrated and stressed about your inability to relax.) Give yourself six minutes with this guy, and you’ll be on your way to a new mental place, one that will improve your health and your state of mind. Reducing stress needs to be a conscious effort for many of us, and it involves a number of strategies, from exercise to developing the ability to let things go. Meditation can put you on that road.


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