Advice on Relationships For Men – How to Keep a Woman Happy (if she wants to be happy)

Are you having troubling figuring out how to keep a woman happy? The following is some advice on relationships for men:

1. The first thing is to always be yourself. Many men put on a front because they don’t feel confident that they can lure a beautiful woman. The truth is, a confident man just being himself is more attractive to women than physical looks. Be confident in who you are and it will go a long way.

2. The next piece of advice on how to keep a woman happy is to do alot of little things for her. Opening the car door, being polite, sending her flowers, she will love this far for than the occasional grand gesture. These little things will produce a more stable, longer relationship.

3. Along with showing her your appreciation by doing little things, you should also express it verbally. Tell her often that you love and appreciate her, this will reassure her and make her feel more secure in the relationship.

4. A rather obvious word of advice on how to keep a woman happy is to not look at other women when you are with her. This will tend to make her jealous and think you are comparing her to others. Nothing good can come from doing this, so just minimize the “window shopping” as much as possible.

5. Next, try to keep her laughing. A good sense of humor is a key positive in any relationship, but women are especially attracted to men who have the ability to make them laugh.

A word of caution here, be sensitive to her mood and feelings. Women can sometimes be less stable than men. Don’t make light of things that are clearly very important to her, otherwise you may end up on her bad side.

6. The next bit of advice on how to keep a woman happy is to seek common interests. Hopefully, you have some things in common that you can enjoy together. Beyond that, try to develop an interest in something that is a passion of hers. This will show that you are not just all about yourself and that you value things that are important to her.

7. After you have landed her, don’t get complacent in doing the things that attracted her to you in the first place. Especially watch out for the tendency not be as well-groomed as you once were. Stay groomed and looking good, so she will have no reason to start looking for greener pastures.

8. A very important piece of advice on how to keep a woman happy is to make a strong effort to be involved with her friends and family. She relies on them to validate her choices in relationships. It will serve you well to make a good impression on these people.

9. The final piece of advice on relationships and how to keep a woman happy is to be open to trying different things. After the relationship has been established for a while, things may start to become dull and boring. You can avoid this by being creative. Try different things, go to different places on dates. Keep things exciting and it will help keep your relationship healthy.

So, these are some basic bits of advice on relationships for men and how to keep a woman happy. Yes, these things are mostly common sense, the problem is that we often fail to APPLY them, putting our most treasured relationship in danger. Don’t fall into that trap!

This advice and much more is laid out in a simple, step by step plan called “The Magic Of Making Up” by T ‘Dub’ Jackson. If you are struggling in figuring out how to keep a woman happy, this plan will work like magic for you.


2 Responses to “Advice on Relationships For Men – How to Keep a Woman Happy (if she wants to be happy)”

  1. getmobetter Says:

    Nice Post! Great to see a man’s perspective on how to keep a woman… instead of the thousand of articles from women… Have good one!

    • pointsofviewers Says:

      thank you For the comment I am always open to new topics also if you could share this as often as you can I am looking to build the site to something we can all participate in and make way better than it is today.

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