How does the economy affect children’s development?

This could be your child

hunger has many faces this shouldnt be one of them

How do these things affect a child’s development: poverty, low income parents, nutrition?

Nutrition affects growth and available funds for food is important.  Many low income families qualify for federal lunch and breakfast programs at schools. They just need to apply.  WIC and food stamps are also available to boost the nutritional offerings.

Crowded living conditions increase the risk of diseases such as TB, flu, respiratory illnesses etc…  Income will force some families to put several children to the same bed.

Basic hygiene suffers if you have no running water, heat, or personal supplies.  We encourage families to go to food banks in their communities to avail themselves of these items.

poverty ultimately affects how you feel about yourself.  Self esteem suffers from lack of money, being out of work, not being able to be the dad or mom you wanted to be.  It all gets back to the “social capital” of a community which means communities should have the ways and means to help ALL families who need assistance.  Depressed areas often don’t or migrating families don’t know where to start or feel like outsiders.


Help stop hunger with these organizations


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